International Educators as Leaders of Institutional Transformation in a Post-Pandemic World

International Education Leadership VIRTUAL Summer Institute


July 15 - August 12, 2020


About the Virtual Summer Institute

In response to COVID-19 and its impact of institutional budgets, we are offering a low cost/high value opportunity to attend the Institute. UAlbany values community and sees this as an opportunity to come together as a community of professional international educators.

4-week interactive online experience with international education thought leaders

July 15 – August 12

  • Three 2½ hour synchronous online plenaries (recorded for participants worldwide)
  • Facilitated online small group discussion (asynchronous and synchronous)
  • Designed for busy professionals and advanced students
  • Professional networking, online discussion and collaboration
  • Optional: 4-week Online Strategic Visualization Laboratory (asynchronous discussion with two synchronous meetings)
  • Optional: 4-week Online Crisis Leadership Simulation (asynchronous discussion with two synchronous meetings)
  • Certificate of Participation

Plenaries meet from 9:30AM-12:00PM (US-EDT) on July 15, July 29 and August 12.

Why Attend?

We are living through a period of unexpected and unparalleled change. Yet, even as borders close and travel is restricted, the importance of international education has never so obvious. International educations are positioned significantly influence the direction of their institutions as education moves toward a more connected global future. The IEL Summer Institute focuses on international leadership effectiveness and strategic vision during this transition. By participating in the institute, you can expect to be better prepared now for the future.

How it Works

The IEL Summer Institute has three 2 ½ hour synchronous plenaries, evenly paced over a four week period. The first plenary will establish the facts as we know then, the second will reflect on tools and needs, and the third will attempt to synthesize a forward strategic vision. In addition, the IEL Institute’s community will engage in asynchronous discussion around the key issues, and may also participate in an online Strategic Visualization Laboratory and a Crisis Leadership Simulation which will take place concurrently.

Strategic Visualization Laboratory a month-long guided online exercise in developing new international education strategies.

Crisis Leadership Simulation a month-long guided simulation that results in strategies to improve your ability to lead during major crises that adversely impact international education.

Registration Costs

Standard Rate: $50
eSeries Participant Registrant: $25
UAlbany Degree or Certificate Students: $25

Leadership Development Streams

Strategic Visualization Laboratory

Strategic Visualization Laboratory (optional, included in Institute fee)

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted international education more than any event in recent history. In this radically changed new environment, international educators must be able to creatively re-imagine the strategies, programs, and activities that make up our diverse field.

Participants in the Strategic Visualization Laboratory will be challenged to rethink the future of international education through structured, intensive dialogue with peers. The goal is to generate actionable ideas and strategies that will lay the foundation for a rebirth of international education within the context of the breadth of its institutions and organizations. The Laboratory will include two synchronous meetings with asynchronous discussion throughout:

Week 1: Visualization exercise (asynchronous) in which the first plenary on July 15 provides a springboard for engaging in creative brainstorming to create an idea map of the future structures and frameworks of international education.

Weeks 2 and 3: Group meeting (synchronous, July 22) discusses the idea map generated in Week 1. Participants will then form groups by institutional/organizational type for discourse (asynchronous) with colleagues working in similar contexts. Each group will use the idea map created in Week 1 to create outlines of strategies that will help to guide their respective institutions and organizations in a post-Covid-19 world. The second plenary on July 29 will provide a context for this work.

Week 4: Each group will share their strategy outline and give a brief overview of it in a synchronous meeting on August 7. Asynchronous discussion will follow to allow for dialogue across groups so that institutions and organizations can benefit from the insights and approaches generated by each group. The final plenary on August 12 will present a vision for a connected and collective future for international education to provide context for the ideas and strategies generated in the Visualization Laboratory.

Crisis Leadership Simulation

Simulation: Leadership During a Crisis (optional, included in Institute fee)

What lessons have we learned over the past few months that can prepare us to lead during future world crises? In this innovative four-week Simulation, participants will be challenged to respond to a simulated crisis by applying lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic. Participants will take away from this Simulation strategies to improve their ability to lead during major crises that adversely impact international education. The Simulation will include two synchronous meetings with asynchronous discussion throughout guided by leading international educators.

Week 1: Using the first Plenary on July 15 as a launching pad, the Simulation begins with asynchronous sharing of the effective strategies and practices employed during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as lessons learned the hard way due to miscalculation and underestimating the severity of the situation.  Week 1 will culminate in a synchronous meeting on July 15 that presents a catalog of these effective practices learned as well as identification of the areas in need of clarification and improvement. 

Weeks 2 and 3: Participants form groups according to institutional/organizational types that respond to an unfolding simulated crisis in an asynchronous format. The second plenary on July 29 will provide a context for leadership and management during challenging times.

Week 4: Each group will share the outcomes of their simulation responses in a synchronous meeting on August 7. Asynchronous discussion will follow to allow for dialogue across groups so that institutions and organizations can benefit from all the insights and approaches that are generated about how to implement updated crisis management plans at your institution or organization. The final plenary on August 12 will provide context for the ideas and strategies generated in the Simulation.

Topical Discussions

Topical Discussions (optional, included in Institute fee)

Participants will have opportunities to initiate additional specific topics for discussion based on their needs and interests. Examples might include the future of the international education profession; future employment in international education; recreating international education to benefit the environment; advancing diversity, equity and inclusion through international education. 



Registrants will be sent materials, including login credentials for the program Learning Management System (LMS), one to two weeks prior to the start of the Institute. All registrants must have a computer and network access in order to participate.

About the IEML at the University at Albany-SUNY

The University at Albany program in International Education Management & Leadership is focused on training future leaders in the field. The program offers a Master’s degree in International Education Management & Leadership, a Certificate of graduate studies, and digital badges for professional development through our eSeries.

The Summer Institute provides an opportunity for practitioners, students, and leaders to work together on critical issues of the day.


Harvey Charles

Harvey Charles

Professor of International Education, University at Albany

Stephanie Doscher

Stephanie Doscher

Director, Global Learning for Global Citizenship, Florida International University

Karin Fischer

Karin Fischer

Senior Reporter, The Chronicle of Higher Education, International Ed Leadership Fellow, University at Albany

Clay Hensley

Clay Hensley

Senior Director, International Strategy & Outreach, College Board

Jason Lane

Jason Lane

Dean, School of Education, University at Albany

Mitch Leventhal

Mitch Leventhal

Professor of Professional Practice & Entrepreneurship, Department of Educational Policy & Leadership, University at Albany

Josh McKeown

Josh McKeown

Associate Provost for International Education and Programs, SUNY Oswego, International Ed Leadership Fellow, University at Albany

Jon Rubin

Jon Rubin

Brian Whalen

Brian Whalen

International Ed Leadership Fellow, University at Albany

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