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The University at Albany’s International Education Leadership Expert Series presents a module with Dr. Rebecca Murphy that focuses on foreign credential evaluation in the strategic international enrollment management context.


Offered Periodically


Registration Fee: $399

About the module

The course focuses on foreign credential evaluation in the strategic international enrollment management context. During the course we will examine the history of foreign credential evaluation in the United States, and the evolution of the skillset into a profession. We will study the systematic approach to foreign credential evaluation and its application in various academic settings. We will also practice the practical application of these skills in international education scenarios and explore the impact of timely, accurate, and consistent credential evaluation.

Some of the decisions international education leaders, and credential evaluators face relate to: understanding the native educative system as well as the system under review, how to research and analyze foreign education systems, discerning the characteristics of the foremost global educational systems, recognizing patterns and variances across time periods, assessing transnational and hybrid programs, assigning transfer credit, and formulating credential assessments. In addition to understanding foreign credential evaluation, the course will examine the many ethical issues faced by credential evaluators and leaders in international education.

Successful participants will receive a digital micro-credential acknowledging their completion of this professional development expert module from the International Education Management & Leadership Program at the University at Albany (SUNY).

Who Should Attend?

Upper-level international administrators tasked with working with other internal university stakeholders (such as provost, deans, department chairs, administrators of other departments such as student affairs and admissions)

Who Should Attend?

Senior international officers

Who Should Attend?

Leaders of different component offices (study abroad, international student and scholar services, international admissions, international research, international alumni relations and development) who report to the SIO

Who Should Attend?

Middle managers within international offices

Who Should Attend?

Early-career international educators

Who Should Attend?

International office spokespeople or employees tasked with communicating to outside constituencies, including the media, elected officials, and the general public

Who Should Attend?

Academics with international-education expertise who seek to more effectively discuss their research with practitioners and the public

Expert Series Presenter

Rebecca Murphy, Ed.D.

Rebecca M. Murphy, Ed.D. has over 3 decades of experience with comparative international education credentials and systems. She has particular interest in research, adult learning, and creating bridges between culture and curriculum.

Dr. Murphy has held positions in higher education institutions and organizations in roles ranging from international enrollment management to international student advising. As the founder and director of Future Study International Education, she now provides global education and credential advising, training and development opportunities, and conducts research and advocacy on education issues related to migration.

Rebecca is passionate about encouraging others to think about education with a global perspective. She completed a BA in Anthropology and International Studies at Dickinson College, an MA in Bilingual/Bicultural Studies at La Salle University and an EdD at Northeastern. She has four children, a menagerie of pets, and attempts to knit at least one half of a pair of mittens each year.

Expert Series Design structure

The instructor-led asynchronous sessions will be offered periodically.

Instructions for connecting to asynchronous sessions and accessing the online material will be provided after registration.

Registration Fee: $399

15% Discount on registration for SUNY employees and 3 or more registrations from the same institution.

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