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The University at Albany’s International Education Leadership Expert Series presents a module with Joshua McKeown designed for international education professionals, leaders, and future leaders needing tools and strategies for taking their institution to a higher level of international engagement, regardless of their starting point or institutional stature.


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About the module

Internationalization in education has been accelerating and becoming increasingly complex, as global pressures on educational systems mount while assumptions about cross-border collaborations are newly challenged. Likewise, education abroad has grown steadily and impressively for a generation. It is increasingly an expectation of today’s students and parents, both as an imperative for a globally competitive education and a life-fulfilling experience. Join us to learn how the International Office can be an institutional driver towards systemic internationalization by leading and collaborating with steady, relentless persistence and vision.

For success in this context, the institutional International Office has to keep pace. Has yours? Is it ready for the diverse, complex, and demanding needs of millennial students? Is it preparing faculty for the challenges and opportunities inherent in today’s international education landscape? Issues of funding, mentoring, time, and curriculum impact students’ access to internationalization efforts and faculty’s ability to advance it. The growth and sustainability of international education depends today on adapting current approaches and creating viable paths to institutional and student success. We will tap the lessons of one nationally award-winning office that has transformed itself to make international education attainable for all who seek it.

This course is designed for international education professionals, leaders, and future leaders needing tools and strategies for taking their institution to a higher level of international engagement, regardless of their starting point or institutional stature. The power and impact of international education on students seems to enjoy recognition as a universally-understood benefit in an era of rapid globalization, yet it is also constrained by the hard truths of internal barriers and external challenges. Through specific exercises, readings, and projects in this rigorous module, participants will push themselves and develop both professional skills and valuable deliverables to implement in their own settings.

Successful participants will receive a digital micro-credential acknowledging their completion of this professional development expert module from the International Education Management & Leadership Program at the University at Albany (SUNY).

Who Should Attend?

International education leaders and professionals at universities, colleges, and schools who want to be prepared for the opportunities to make meaningful international contributions to their institutions.

Who Should Attend?

Senior International Officers interested in preparing strategically for institutional changes and developments required for international education expansion.

Who Should Attend?

Colleagues from associations, government, and organizations involved in international education who want to expand their knowledge of best practices.

Who Should Attend?

Graduate students enrolled in higher education, international education, and related graduate programs, and other graduate students who want to deepen their knowledge of the field.

Expert Series Presenter

Joshua McKeown

Joshua S. McKeown, Ph.D., has been the senior international officer at the State University of New York at Oswego (SUNY Oswego), a comprehensive campus since 2008. As Associate Provost for International Education and Programs, he directs international initiatives that have been recognized with numerous national awards, including: the Diversity Abroad Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion in International Education (EDIIE) award for Organizational Excellence; the American Association of State Colleges & Universities (AASCU) Award for Excellence and Innovation in International Education; the Institute of International Education (IIE) Heiskell Award Honorable Mention for Innovation in Study Abroad. He also has led the institution to multiple rankings in the top twenty in the Open Doors national ranking of U.S. students abroad. McKeown leads strategy, directs personnel and manages priorities for education abroad, international student and scholar services, international recruiting and campus internationalization. He directs a department with nineteen staff in the U.S. and overseas running over 80 study abroad and exchange programs in more than 30 countries, enrolling 400 – 500 students per year.

Specifically, in this module you will learn:

  1. Why expanding internationalization of the curriculum is critical to the success of the International Office.
  2. “Reverse engineering” education abroad – why re-envisioning is critical to achieving its full potential.
  3. How to build and win the case for funding international education activities.
  4. How to tap the not-so-hidden resource of international students to create a flourishing International Office.

Flow of activities through the sessions:  In our first session, we will form pairs or small groups to work together to create a first draft of a one- to three-year plan for re-positioning the International Office as a valuable actor in the campus’ larger internationalization success. The design or plan will include the essential elements and themes cited above.  Each group will give a brief presentation of their outlines in the final session. We will check-in with the teams’ progress in each session. The goal here is to apply the insights and knowledge from the sessions to tackle your key challenges and maximize your opportunities for re-positioning the International Office.  Our joint sessions will help guide and inform your re-positioning analysis and planning.

  • Before Session 1: Participants will write a description of why they have chosen to participate in this course. The instructor will use this information to suggest pairings to work on the final project.
  • After Session 1: Participants begin to work in pairs and individually on the final project.
  • During Session 2 – 4: Each group will create a description, outline, and re-positioning plan. This should describe specific ways you will design and execute towards your end goal. The objective here is to apply the insights and knowledge from the sessions by outlining the value and key elements of your re-positioned International Office.
  • In session 5: Participants will give a presentation of their re-positioning outlines in the final session.

Expert Series Design structure

5articipants will receive 7.5 hours of synchronous sessions with the instructor and 4.5 hours of asynchronous sessions where participants prepare their final project. The synchronous sessions will include the following 5 meetings of 90 minutes each via Zoom (UAlbany).

Synchronous Sessions:

  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
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  • TBD

Instructions for connecting to synchronous sessions and accessing the online material will be provided after registration.

Registration Fee: $399

15% Discount on registration for SUNY employees.

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